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Because our family already celebrated it on the 19th. A lot of family members are overseas right now, so, no real celebration, boo hoo. Besides going out for breakfast and checking with my phone's company customer services (because yours truly dropped her phone into the toilet bowl and it isn't working now) about what I can do about my phone, I've got absolutely nothing planned.

I got over the boredom-induced depression after going through the obstacle course. It was really tough, btw. Looking at Forest Adventure's brochure and website, I didn't think the obstacle course would be so difficult but it was! I was sweating buckets by the time I had gotten to the fourth obstacle (there were thirty-eight)!

The GACKThering was tons of fun! We had some new friends and we watched G's performance at Animelo, Jun-ji's GHOST performance, YOU and Chacha's Mirror performance during the Drug Party tour, some other clips and the Berlin live! Unf, the fanservice between Jon and G still gets me squeeing. We also compiled a video to send to G! I wonder if he's seen it already...

The family Christmas party was sweet! We watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, ate lots of good food (pastries, meat balls, tarts) and played lots of games. The only thing about the party that bugged me was that Kino had to be locked up in the back, in the kitchen, because one of my aunts is deathly afraid of cats and dogs. I felt so sad, thinking about Kino who was all alone, while I sat in the living room with my family members. So I decided to sit with her at the back. Every time my name was called from the living room, I would run out, collect my present, thank the person who had given it to me and then run back to the back to sit with her. I felt a little better, being able to share that much with my dearest Kino.

Went to church last night to watch a Christmas drama too. The drama was cute (it was in a mix of Mandarin and English too!) and it's titled "Home For Christmas". It's about toys (like Barbie, a soft toy, etc) preparing their own Christmas party. It's a real heart-warming drama.

Being back at church, listening to the sermon, meeting up with old cell group members, singing Christmas carols with the church... It all felt so nostalgic. ♥

And, tonight, Ayron-nii invited some of his friends over for a party too. There was alcohol and card games and Ayron-nii trying to hook me up with his friends, lol. It was all just in good fun, though. We played Black Jack, Poker, Bluff (you have to drink a shot if you lose) and we just talked about lots of random stuff. It was fun; I should socialise more, haha.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all you lovelies! What are your plans for the holidays?


My castle may be taken.
My honour may be stained.
I will still have duty.
That is enough.

- Uesugi Kenshin

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